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Worden Telechart 2000 & Worden Telechart 2007

Telechart 2007 is the newest edition of Worden‘s top rated and multi award winning stock trading software. From it’s humble beginnings the newest release packs even more power into it’s punch then it’s highly acclaimed Telechart 2000 series. Each generation of the software seems to get better and better and one can only expect the bight linage of Worden to continue for years to come.

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Let’s go through all the benefits of using Worden’s Telechart 2007:

Telechart 2007 is by far the best priced stock trading software available. One has the benefit of choosing either the gold or platinum packages, which cost a measly $29.99 or $89.99 respectively. Plus if you buy for one year you get two months free, or buy for two years and get six months free. For this type of technology one could easily pay the yearly fee in a month for other comparable stock trading platforms.

Telechart 2007 and Telechart 2000

Telechart 2007 is also licensed to run one two seperate computers allowing you to have a copy at work and at home, so you can take your most valuable stock software with you where ever you go. With a great trading tool like this you won’t want to be away from it for any longer than you have to. 

Here is what experts like Josh Hayes, AKA Maui Trader of Big Wave Trading .com have to say:

Telechart is the only charting program for me. After using several different other services before signing up to Telechart in 1998, I had no idea what I was missing. The ability to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of charts in minutes looking for the best patterns is worth the price alone. The clarity of the charts and the ability to switch time frames and zoom in levels with one keystorke are other features that saves me hours a day when searching for stocks.

And the best part is all of these feature come with the basic Worden Telechart Gold, with Worden Telechart Platinum you get even more added benefits like streaming real time charts, commentary from Peter Worden, up to the minute news from over 40 sources, and more.

No trader can be without this state of the art stock trading software technology, and with a 30 day free trial period (just click the banner below for the free trial) you can’t go wrong. Try Telechart 2007 Gold or Platinum today!

Not sure I get the whole theory behind this software, but if it works then it must be a pretty good theory. Anyway, I was just looking around for some feedback on this software since I am getting ready to use it. If there is anything else that would be helpful to me as I get started I would appreciate the advice.