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About, originally conceived by Justin DeMerchant in 2008, underwent a revival in 2023 under the ownership of Enda Trading. 

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This reinvigoration involved a meticulous approach to both preserving the legacy content created by DeMerchant and integrating new insights from Enda Trading.

Pages featuring "Brought Back Online by Enda Trading" in the top left corner were originally crafted by DeMerchant, maintaining a connection to the site's roots. Meanwhile, pages adorned with "Created by Enda Trading" signify the infusion of fresh content and perspectives introduced by Enda Trading.

The platform, as envisioned by Justin DeMerchant, aimed to enlighten users about the strengths and weaknesses of various stock trading software options, offering suggestions tailored to individual needs. DeMerchant's background, enriched by practical experience on investment-related websites and a BBA from the University of New Brunswick, laid the foundation for the site's informative content. 

Under the guidance of Enda Trading, has embraced a new era. Enda Trading, recognized for its ownership of and, along with its dedicated YouTube channel, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. 

At, the commitment is evident in comprehensive broker reviews, delving into crucial aspects such as fees, trading platforms, account minimums, and investment options. The reviews, a product of rigorous evaluation, empower users with insightful information for informed decision-making. 

Enda Trading's broader mission, evident on both the website and YouTube channel, extends to demystifying the realm of AI trading tools and software. With a focus on cutting-edge AI solutions, Enda Trading delivers honest insights through reviews, meticulous testing, and engaging video content. 

The overarching goal is to bridge the gap between AI trading advancements and the wider public, empowering traders and investors to navigate the dynamic landscape of automated trading with confidence.