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Using eSignal Trading Software

eSignal is one of the more popular stock trading software platforms available but God knows why. It is more expensive then most of the other options out there, and all you’re really paying for is the brand name. When I tried the eSignal software it slowed down my whole computer to the point where it almost crashed, and that was just the start of my bad experience. 

Using eSignal Trading Software
Using eSignal
eSignal Trading Software
Trading Software

eSignal Trading Software

Other people I have talked to have had similar experiences. From what I’ve heard and read some people have had such severe problems that stocks queries have generated almost the opposite results ending in disastrous trades. Problems like this can with how you set up your eSignal stock trading software can be experienced by have just one basic setting incorrect. If anything bugs me more than having to go back through looking at every little detail trying to find my one mistake, it’s when it costs me a lot of money. It reminds me of finance class in University. 

I think if you’re going to use this stock trading software you defiantly need to take a class that teaches you how to use it. eSignal is very unintuitive. It took me A LOT of time to learn to use it even at a very basic level. I don’t know why anyone would use eSignal over DecisionBar, which is extremely easy to use. Sometimes people just have a sever desire to make things a lot harder then they actually have to be… I guess is that’s your style then eSignal is for you.

Don’t take my word for is. Here’s what Amy R. from San Diego California had to say about eSignal trading software:

It’s crap like this that pisses me off during the weekends. eSignal is more stressful than trading itself.

I used eSignal (among other services) back in my prop days. Their cost was unjustifiable then, and now that they are raising it even higher, it is just purely exorbitant. Other providers can do the same for a half, a third, or even a quarter of what they charge. Paying for eSignal services is like buying a stock with a PE of 200 – yes you can brag about it at a party but will it necessarily give you the required rate of return?

The other thing I really don’t like about eSignal is all the stupid ad on features that you have to pay more and more to get. To really use the system you need all the features, which could cost you sever hundreds of dollars a month, as opposed to Worden Telechart 2007 where even the platinum version costs just $89.99/mth. In terms of stock trading software eSignal falls short, you’ve be well advised to use Telechart.

I don’t know why people insist on using more difficult stock trading software like eSignal over simple things that are equally effective like Decision Bar trading software. But then again, why do people want to pay hundreds of dollars for eSignal trading software, when Worden Telechart 2007 is far more effective and cost efficient.