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Thomson One Review

The Thomson ONE Analytics was created by Thomson Reuters which is real-time, incorporated analytical and research stock market software that offers world-class content in context. The stock market software is also packed with intelligent navigation and powerful tools for efficient results

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It was originally known as First Call Analyst, the Thomson ONE Analytics is its complete version. It offers support for the following areas and countries; North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo).

Thomson ONE Analytics has the following features:

Viewing reports with the Thomson ONE Analytics is not a problem. It displays information in a detailed manner which includes almost everything you need. It displays overview, the changes of price, your earnings, growth projections and revisions. If you want to check how your investments are doing in real-time, you can do so by creating monitors to your portfolio. 

If you do not miss out on the events that is happening or is going to happen in the corporate world and releases, the stock market software also provides you a login to the StreetEvent. The StreetEvents list all the events you want to know about. 

The Thomson ONE Analytics stock market software is also a good way to stay updated regarding financial news. The latest financial news is provided to the user from the global sources. Email notifications are also sent regarding latest documents released by the companies you have interest in. Printing reports is also made easier. You can print by batch and also save by batch to save and maximize your time. 

One great thing about this is that you need not install it in your desktop computers. You can access it online through the Datastream Advance. The Datastream Advance provides you with charts that are already ready to use or pre-formatted to save time. And the tabular charts are made flexible which will display new relationships and insights. You can also easily create charts, complex models and Excel reports. 

Thomson ONE Analytics provides a larger collection of analyst reports comparing it to Investext Plus. When we were searching for a certain report, the Investext Plus did provide any results while the Thomson ONE Analytics displayed over fifty results. 

Though, it is equipped with powerful tools it still lacks some options and the VWAP is manually refreshed. The stock market software is also said to suite traders who are managing stocks that are grouped and traders whose target are long term financials and trends, because the stock market software may not handle a minute-by-minute activity. 

I love the data streams that come through with Thompson, while at the same time integrating anything that I need added to it. I think it also includes more companies and stock quotes than any other program I have ever used, I haven’t seen a similar number quoted anywhere. Everything is real time of course and they come across very fast, sometimes faster than I can keep up with. I have never heard about the Street Events that are mentioned in this post, so I am wondering about that now. Does anyone know how you find out about it?