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OmniTrader Review

OmniTrader is the only stock trading software designed to help traders take advantage of all the moves of the market. OmniTrader makes Technical Analysis automatic, giving users the power to make fast decisions.

OmniTrader Review
OmniTrader Trading Software
Trading Software

OmniTrader Trading Software

Many other pieces of software don’t give you real trading signals with the supporting information automatically displayed for you. OmniTrader‘s signals are very accurate – making it a very useful stock market investing tool.

This just the beginning of the OmniTrader story. OmniTrader gives users all the tools they need to “trade the moves” showing great buy and sell candidates, built-in money management, and trading simulators. OmniTrader is the only stock trading system software that generates buy and sell Signals based on the “personality” of each security in a given list. 

The powerful technique that OmniTrader uses is called the Adaptive Reasoning Model (ARM). In seconds, the program will use its 120 built-in methods to test each symbol in a given list to find the techniques that are working well. It then uses those methods to generate signals. ARM was invented at Nirvana Systems in 1994, and here is how it works:

OmniTrader is made by Nirvana Systems, the same company that makes Visual Trader.

OmniTrader is also very reasonably priced compared to similar software, and as a security benifit there is a 30 day money back guarantee.