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Nirvana Systems Releases VisualTrader 4.0

Nirvana Systems releases VisualTrader 4.0, trading software providing leading information on movement of stocks and futures through an innovative 3D display.

Nirvana Systems Releases VisualTrader 4.0
VisualTrader 4.0
Nirvana Systems
VisualTrader 4.0 Trading Software

VisualTrader 4.0   Trading Software

Inventor Ed Downs says VisualTrader (introduced in 2002) is “a simple, powerful view of the market, providing distinct trading advantages.” “VisualTrader displays the entire market with moving, 3D cylinders, rendered above and below a surface, arranged on plates representing industry groups. As stocks or groups turn or break out, changes appear in the dynamic display. Relative movement between groups is clear – delivering a separate trading advantage.” 

“Chart Pattern Recognition and a proprietary Trading Signal engine display events in both the 3D map and charts. Combined with map movement, these identify trading ideas instantly, rather than requiring users to sift traditional data.”

VisualTrader 4.0 also introduces: user defined transforms (patents pending) which convert derivative financial information into 3D shapes, rendering of indicators and formulas across more than 500 securities, direct brokerage connection, automatic stops management, support for futures and forex instruments, and a trading simulator – allowing “rewinding” the market and simulating trading in either a real time or accelerated view. Nirvana Systems, founded in 1987, develops advanced automated trading products, including Director Series Automation Utilities and OmniTrader Professional.

Here’s what Ronald had to say:

Congratulations on your latest version of Visual Trader 4.0! The Trading Simulator is a fantastic tool! The package works as claimed in your seminar presentation. Paying close attention to your comments in the seminar on how to use the program, I have been able to achieve at least 80% winning paper trades using EOD…I am very excited!

VisualTrader has two pricing options. The software is currently being offered at 1/2 price, so you get VisualTrader Real time (for daytrading) for $1495 or VisualTrader end-of-day for $495, a steal at either price for what this software delivers.