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MyTrack Review

MyTrack is a fully integrated online trading software and market data system. You can install it either from downloading from their particular site or from cd. The original MyTrack platform was developed in 1998.  

MyTrack Review
MyTrack Trading Software
Trading Software Review

MyTrack Trading Software

The firm behind it, Track Data Corporation has been serving Wall Street institutions since 1981. It is a software based connection program that allows the user to have a constant connection to the servers. Generally most online brokers use web-based platforms, which requires a particular user to disconnect and reconnect with every page change but this shortcoming is overcome in MyTracker. This kind of connection is very slow and often wastes a lot of time. One need not worry about the technical side. The delay one has to bear while opening a web page is no longer a pain using MyTrack.

As already mentioned one feature that enables MyTrack to gain an advantage over other stock market software is that it allows constant connection. It offers wide range of investment tutorials for every investor type. Another feature that sets it apart is speed. Streaming information is much faster and convenient using such this trading platform. If one is used to looking at web sites for financial information and web site-based trading, then he might not believe how fast an investing software-based platform can be. 

MyTrack is generally a trading system used by professionals. It’s not only fast, but also integrates the market data and trading well, so the user can easily place a trade when he wants to. Mytrack allows direct access and Intelligent Order Routing. It means that mytrack is direct access broker or in other words which means it allows you to designate which exchange, market maker, or ECN to send an order to. There is where it gains advantage over others as many online brokerage firms don’t allow you to specify where your order goes, which can result in an execution that isn’t at the best possible price. The ability to do one click trading is also missing in most of the trading platforms. Other notable features of Mytrack are on-screen trade confirmation as it happens, integrated “trading pit” environment, real-Time Buying Power, filterable transaction history, the ability to trade Equities (incl. Pink Sheets), options, mutual funds, and futures, chat/ Real-Time Online Help

There are some key market features like Dynamically updating portfolio monitor, customizable Columns, pricing information on equities, futures, indices, and options, scrolling news, personalized scrolling Ticker, Full-Text News Stories, basic stock reports, charting, market Pulse (technical market stats). It also offers common features like intraday trading, alerts, and technical indicators.

Mytrack is one of the best stock trading programs in terms of handling and one of the most efficient in terms of compatibility and features. There is so many features that it takes for a user to get control over it. There are no inactivity fees and opening account is easy. One also can chat live with someone in tech support if you have a problem. The institutional version is $900 per month, but the consumer version is included in for no extra money.