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EminiForecaster Review

So the other day I was surfing the net, looking at the latest and greatest in stock software when I came across a program that looks pretty cool called EminiForecaster. Right off the bat I liked the site because it gives you the oppertuinity to give them your name and email (a pain I know, but it’s an inevitable part of online life), and they send you a detailed report showing you how they performed last week.

EminiForecaster Review
EminiForecaster Trading Software
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EminiForecaster Trading Software

I always like to see or at least hear about how a type of stock trading program works before I even bother giving it a shot. Anyway the report sparked my interest enough to write an EminiForecaster review

When I bought the product for a test run I was even more impressed then I thought I would be. EminiForecaster‘s service is an incredible, revolutionary product with the experience of a retired CTA who has managed over $100 million cash position and developed trading models for over 15 years.

EminiForecaster provides a revolutionary product that assists traders to know, in advance, where the stock market is going with a high degree of accuracy.  This revolutionary technology is the result of many years of research. Research that proves that behavior of large groups of people can be predicted a large percentage of the time.  Why apply this technology to financial data? Because these markets are very widely followed.  In simple terms.  The markets are meters of human behavior and our technology predicts it- The proof is in the pudding.

Here are they’re claims:

From my trial with the service they come through on all their claims in a great fashion. EminiForecaster seems to do a great job and get’s my seal of approval. At the very least it’s worth a shot.