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Decision Bar Trading Software Reviews

Decision Bar trading is essentially an idiot proof system developed by Les Schwartz. It essentially tracks stock movement and uses a forum of momentum trading by predicting the stock will follow it’s trend.  

Decision Bar Trading Software Reviews
Decision Bar
Decision Bar Trading Software
Trading Software Reviews

Decision Bar Trading Software

The basic principal is that if a stock moves even $0.01 it is very likely it’s next move will be in the same direction. The hard part with trading under this strategy is not trading every 5 seconds and wiping out any hops of profit. This stock trading software is meant to help with just that. Also there is no way a person can keep their eyes glued to a screen with every stock imaginable, but fear not, yet again that is what this stock market software is for.

The Decision Bar trading system is somewhat akin to Worden’s Telechart 2007, but offers a simpler set up for less advanced traders. Realistically both systems are so competitively price there is nothing stopping you from trying both, especially with 30 day free trails with both systems.

As I said before the Decision Bar trading software is virtually idiot proof. Red means short, green means long. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Here is an example:

As you can see it doesn’t get much easier than the Decision Bar trading system makes it. If you can’t understand the logic behind it then you may be a lost cause.

Again don’t just take my word for it. Here are some actual reviews:

Randall says:

I received the DecisionBar Trading Kit earlier this week, and I wanted to thank you for a top-notch product. DecisionBar is easy to use and the tutorials are very helpful. I ordered DecisionBar primarily to identify optimum retracement entry points in trending markets. I used DecisionBar pivots on two trades today and feel it helped me “milk” every available pip. I trade the Forex market and on short-term charts (5 and 10 minute) I set the pivot lines at 10,10 per your tutorial and it worked great. Thanks again.

J.S. from Flordia says:

This is simply fantastic!! It’s just like shooting fish in a barrel! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! I am still in my first month of usage, and although I’ve had so far three (3) trades that have “stopped out” at small losses, I am way ahead overall. It works great with options, and all my option positions are up by good margins. The method is uncanny in keeping me and my trades on the right side of the market and alerting me when there is a change of character in it at a very early stage. Great Product!! Thank you!!

Like I said these are real testimonials about the Decision Bar trading system, not corporate blabber.

Anyway if you are looking for a good stock trading software program that is simple, cost effective, and efficient then I would certainly recommend you ate lest check out Decision Bar.

Monster Trader Said,
Another great piece of software. Personally I now use Worden Telechart 2007 but I liked decision bar, especially when I was starting out.

Stock Guru Said,
I agree that I definatly like DecisionBar for three main reasons (even though I don’t really use it all that often anymore)
1 – It’s cheep enough that I can afford to keep my account active
2 – It’s a good second opinion when I need just that little bit of extra assurance
3 – It’s so simple my kid could use it

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Barb Said,
Sounds easy enough. My husband is starting me off on this software and I am very eager to get started using it. You really Decision Bar sound dummy proof, which is exactly what I need right now that I am starting.
Not sure I get the whole theory behind this software, but if it works then it must be a pretty good theory. Anyway, I was just looking around for some feedback on this software since I am getting ready to use it. If there is anything else that would be helpful to me as I get started I would appreciate the advice.

Brad Taylor Said,
How does Decision Bar compare to the Trend Line trader?

Andy Said,
I don’t know that it is exactly idiot proof as there are several things that can go wrong, but as long as none of that happens pretty much a monkey could trade with this. Honestly, I don’t think I have tried anything easier than Decision Bar because it basically takes all the thinking out of trading and you just need to decide to click or not. It doesn’t get any easier than that, but it also does not get any more boring.
I don’t know how I feel about this one all the way yet. On the one hand you can’t mess it up, but at the same time the trader in me feels like I need to be doing something more. This basically gets it all done for you and its over, nothing needed on your part and that can be a huge doozy for some.

Gary Said,
You’re correct that Decision Bar makes it pretty darn easy – almost too easy. It takes what is quite often an emotional human decision and quantifies it in a way that is more calculated and precise. Buy when it’s green and go short when it’s red. The simplicity is a thing of beauty. I also like that it helps you “stop out” when the tide suddenly turns against you. It’s better to take several tiny losses and let your winners run then the other way around. Many a trader has allowed a huge loss to wipe out a great week and this software helps to prevent such an issue.

eri alexander Said,
was wondering how d.b. performs when trading the S&P
500 emini, or any other index, for that matter? also, is anyone using this with great success in conjunction with a non-correlating volume or trend indicator?
i’ll take my answer off the air.

Alex Said,
Decision Bar is a program like no other. If you are into trading and you are having difficulty, why not try this program? What I like about the DecisionBar is how easy it is to use. The tutorials are also helpful. When there is a change in the market, alerts are sent preventing huge losses on your part. Things are much easier with the program. Most importantly, it is quite cheap than other products and you can easily keep your account active. If you are looking for a powerful program that almost does all the hard work, then this is for you.