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ASCTrend 3.5 Review – For Use With TradeStation 8.1

ASCTrend 3.5 is the update of the first released software from AbleSys Corporation. This stock market software review will outline the benefits and shortcoming of the platform. It is a great compromise between price and performance, epically if you already use TradeStation 8.1.

ASCTrend 3.5 Review – For Use With TradeStation 8.1
TradeStation 8.1
ASCTrend 3.5 Review
ASCTrend 3.5 Trading Software

ASCTrend 3.5  Trading Software

This market software uses two main things to pick stocks. 1) Market directions: real time (up-to-ticks) buy/sell signals; and, 2) dynamically calculated optimized stops. The discovery is the early recognition of the market trend coupled with the ability to set optimal stops that escort the trader toward ultimate profit. ASCTrend 3.5 reveals the fundamental principle of the market move. It is a proprietary trading software package, which contains four indicators.

ASCTrend 3.5 reveals the true nature of market movements without depending on curve fitting. Thus it is universal, working with any markets and with any time charts. It makes no difference whether the markets are bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies or any other freely traded markets. This tool makes all markets predictable and tradable. It works well with position trading, swing trading, and day trading. The strength of the core algorithm is so robust that desired performance results can be expected from individual market symbols and it does not rely on portfolio diversification.

ASCTrend 3.5 integrated the most advanced knowledge and the most brilliant concepts ever published about the markets in the last three decades. Although there are many skills, tricks and complicated logic regression behind ASCTrend 3.5, eASCTrend 3.5 itself is simple, visual, easy to use and very accurate. Stock and Commodity trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. Trading with a minimum risk is every trader’s dream. You will see how accurate, how little risk, and how beautiful ASCTrend works in real time trading.

Over the years, we have studied over 500 indicators and created over 100 of our own. Among all the indicators ever created, ASCTrend 3.5 is the most fundamental, powerful, practical, and reliable. This stock trading software‘s indicators are much more powerful than similar-looking indicators sold from $4,000 to $10,000. At first glance, you might think other products on the market are similar to ASCTrend , but they are not eASCTrend. If you have other indicators on hand, display them along with ASCTrend 3.5 with one stacked above the others. You will clearly see the differences, especially in the vicinity of any key turning points. You surely will be able to separate the miracle from the myth after this simple comparison.

ASCTrend 3.5 was first introduced to the market in 1995 and soon became “the best-selling trading software” and a new benchmark of indicators and systems. ASCTrend 3.5 has convinced even the most market-hardened traders, risk managers and CTAs that it can improve their trading results. One hundred copies of eASCTrend 3.5 were sold in the very first month of its initial advertisement. 13 years after its introduction, tens of thousands of copies of ASCTrend have been sold. ASCTrend 3.5 is today used by large trading firms, banks, fund managers, trading advisors, professional and novice traders worldwide.

One thing is for sure, AbleSys Corporation has created a great piece of market software, although if you don’t already use TradeStation Securities Software I would suggest checking out my AbleTrend 8.0 review, also by AbleSys Corporation. If you are interested giving the 30-day trial a shot, for only $188, then sign up by clicking the banner below.