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AbleTrend 7.0 Review – AbleSys Corporation Software

AbleTrend 7.0 is arguably the most advanced of the Stock Trading Software available on the market today. It certainly isn’t the least expensive, starting at $128 from the 30 day trial package, but for the benefits one can incur from using AbleSys’ AbleTrend 7.0 it can defiantly pay for itself in a matter of days.   

AbleTrend 7.0 Review – AbleSys Corporation Software
AbleSys Corporation Software
AbleTrend 7.0 Review
AbleSys Review

AbleTrend 7.0 Trading Software

When making a selection of AbleTrend 7.0 it is defiantly advisable to try the 30 day trial packages until you find the software version that suits you best, then sign up for a yearly package. 

One of the hardest decisions to make when buying AbleTrend 7.0 is the decision between AbleTrend EOD (End of Day) or AbleTrend Real-Time. As with most things there are benefits to both. The disadvantage of AbleTrend Real-Time is clearly the price. At $263/mth ($188 if you also use eSignal) it’s not cheap, but can be worth the price for the extra features if they are helpful. Conversely AbleTrend EOD can be perfect for the needs of most people, and at a VERY reasonable $128/mth it may be the better option for some.

AbleTrend Real-Time offers the MAJOR benefit of giving, go figure, real-time market information that can be priceless for day or intra-day traders. What one needs to decide is if this feature is worth the money. For example traders like Josh Hayes don’t do any intra-day trading and thus the basic AbleTrend 7.0 EOD version would be all they need. AbleTrend 7.0 Real-Time may be a better option for people who already use eSignal Trading Software as it lowers the cost of AbleTrend Real-Time substantially, although in that case I would recommend using AbleTrend Real-Time with Data Feed and getting rid of eSignal as the with Data Feed version is cheaper than both combined.

Here’s what Dr. H.S. Pompano Beach, FL had to say:

I have been using AbleTrend Real-Time for approximately 2 years and I can truly say that I will not make a trade without it. It has made me a successful and confident trader.I never realized that I could make the financial returns that I am making with this system.The charts that clearly identify support,resistance,buy and sell signals are truly the best of any softwar eprogram on the market.I would communicate with any prospective client on the merits of your system–it is timeless in that it functions in bull,bear and consolidating market conditions.

As with most things the decision when thought out can be an easy one, if you want to use this stock trading software intra-day then AbleTrend Real-Time can probably do everything you want and more. If you only trade after hours then the AbleTrend EOD version should be plenty for you. One thing though is for certain, AbleSys corporation has built software powerful enough that it can’t be matched by many other stock trading programs out there, and certainly not for the cost.