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QuantShare Review

Posted by DeMerchant

QuantShare is not only a trading software, it is also a sharing server and a social network website. Its concept is a bit different from other trading software available in the industry.

First of all, as a trading software, QuantShare offers nice charting and drawing capabilities. It has its own vector-based language which contains more than 200+ build-in indicators (There is a custom function module that let you create your own vector-based function). It contains also several interesting build-in plug-ins. For example: the composite plug-in which is a tool to create simple or complex composite indexes. I should point out an interesting feature here; the indexes are automatically updated on new quotes and so your composites quotes data are always up-to-date.

The downloader plug-in, which is one of my favorite, is a powerful tool that is able to download any kind of data (CSV, excel, ZIP) from the Internet, automatically parse it and then insert it to the QuantShare databases. One particularity of this software is that it doesn’t contain only one database, in fact multiple databases (EOD or intraday) can be created. You can create one for the news coming from the RSS feed of yahoo, one to store historical fundamental data, one to store insider data, put-call data… These databases data can then be accessed by the vector-based language. This lets you create trading rules based on news, fundamental, technical data.

QuantShare is not limited to one market or one kind of assets; it can be used by any US or International traders and for any markets: Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, ETFs.

Another very interesting module and most probably the most important one is the backtester. It is composed of the rules analyzer (It is so easy to create hundreds or even thousands of trading rules), the ranking system analyzer and the simulator which is a TRUE-Portfolio backtester plus an advanced money management tool. The money management is Script based and thus can be used only by advanced traders.

Artificial Intelligence is also present in this software; A neural network plug-in helps you build advanced prediction items while an optimizer (genetic algorithm and population based incremental learning) plug-in let you optimize neural networks, list of rules, ranking systems and trading systems.

The application is fully customizable and flexible thanks to the JScript.Net programming language available with the software.

This is for the trading software part of QuantShare. Now what make this application unique is the ability to share any trading object (Downloaders, custom indicators, trading systems, list of rules…) with others users. You can upload the items you create and downloads what others traders have shared. Once you login to the QuantShare website, you can track what other users are downloading, what are the most popular objects, you can search for objects using different criteria, you can follow others users, discuss with them, set up alerts, comment and rate objects…

This is great for beginners as they will improve their learning curve, get ready to use trading objects and this also can tremendously help seasoned traders by giving them new ideas, decreasing their research time…

The QuantShare trading software is currently in a beta release and thus available free of charge.

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  1. Ray Said,

    The beta version is currently free, which is hard to believe when you consider all the features and tools. Also, it allows you to backtest almost anything, which is a very useful method for gauging a stock’s potential and trading history. If you’re not backtesting in some way then I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not making as much money as you could be. Stocks tend to act in very predictable patterns most of the time, so if you’re not taking the time to understand these trends then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. In this game it’s all about research and managing risk. Everything else is for the birds.

  2. Chris Said,

    This software is very fantastic! It has a sharing server and social network website which is uncommon to other programs. This is quite different compared to any other trading software available nowadays. QuantShare offers great charting and drawing capabilities which is very much useful in the trading industry. This is also very impressive and can be used in real time monitoring. This software is great for everyone who are aspiring to become a part of business the trading business. Another good thing about QuantShare is that it is not limited to one market. So you can use it internationally.

  3. Peter Said,

    Iam an owner of Quantshare an i have to say tham im absolutely happy. Upgradin process is fast, they upgrade Quantshare every 40 days. They have fantastic helpful support .

    Program ist fast and user friendly ( more then amibroker) an there are many very useful plugins to analyze rules, ranking system etc.

    I like them!!!

    And tehere is a database of delisted US stocks

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