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OmniTrader Review

Posted by DeMerchant

OmniTrader is the only stock trading software designed to help traders take advantage of all the moves of the market. OmniTrader makes Technical Analysis automatic, giving users the power to make fast decisions. Many other pieces of software don’t give you real trading signals with the supporting information automatically displayed for you. OmniTrader‘s signals are very accurate – making it a very useful stock market investing tool.

This just the beginning of the OmniTrader story. OmniTrader gives users all the tools they need to “trade the moves” showing great buy and sell candidates, built-in money management, and trading simulators. OmniTrader is the only stock trading system software that generates buy and sell Signals based on the “personality” of each security in a given list.

The powerful technique that OmniTrader uses is called the Adaptive Reasoning Model (ARM). In seconds, the program will use its 120 built-in methods to test each symbol in a given list to find the techniques that are working well. It then uses those methods to generate signals. ARM was invented at Nirvana Systems in 1994, and here is how it works:

  1. A list of symbols is provided to the stock trading software. This list can be short or long depending on how many candidates you want the program to generate for you.
  2. With the press of just one button OmniTrader will begin its proprietary analysis. OmniTrader will test each of its built-in trading methods on each security, choosing the best techniques to use. OmniTrader is then able to determine the exact personality of each individual security, according to the proprietary personality of markets theory.
  3. Finally the stock trading software automatically finds buy and sell signals using the methods that have been found to work well for each individual security. The result is superb buy and sell signals. No other stock market investing software offers this automation benefit.

OmniTrader is made by Nirvana Systems, the same company that makes Visual Trader.

OmniTrader is also very reasonably priced compared to similar software, and as a security benifit there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • OmniTrader Stocks Edition – retail $495
  • OmniTrader Futures Edition – retail $695
  • OmniTrader Real Time Edition – retail $995

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  1. Taylor Said,

    This is a very thorough software review for OmniTrader. You mention the three editions, but you didn’t mention if each of the price increases is worth what you get for the money. There is quite a price jump from one to the next and I am more than curious as to what each one offers compared to the others.

    I like the real time feature though, that itself is worth the cost of this software. I have worked with the Nirvana system before and I can see how it would be beneficial installed in this software, but Nirvana does have some quirks that I hope have been worked out here.

    I am eager to try the real time against my other software so I can track the results. The buy/sell automation should be a neat feature as well.

  2. Doris Said,

    My husband taught me how to trade using Omni because he thought it would be the easiest for me from the programs he has used himself. I am not that familiar with lots of trading software myself, just get what my husband explains to me.

    I can use it pretty well without too many problems though, I had to have someone there to explain it all to me in the beginning and I didn’t know what a lot of the functions did, but I have done very well since then. I like how good trades are brought to my attention right away as well.

    If you are new to all this like I was, it isn’t that hard and the simulators are good for getting you comfortable with the program.

  3. Stan Said,

    It is almost frightening just how advanced some stock trading software programs have become, and this product is a perfect example. The so-called “Adaptive Reasoning Model” technique says it all, really. It’s akin to saying that the program is darn near approaching self-awareness. Scary. This is all well and good if you want to put your trading on automatic pilot but for somebody like me I like to have a little more control. I’d rather make my own decisions about a stock’s “personality”. If someone were to purchase this software I would hope that they would at least take the buy and sell signals with a grain of salt.

  4. joe Said,

    I got suckered into buying Nirvana’s Omnitrader 2003 through 2008 plus all their additional bullshit. These programs are shit. They don’t work and they do not make money! Save your money and do NOT buy this crap!~

  5. Jay Said,

    Jay Ur an idiot, Omnitrader does what its supposed to do, which is scan Ur stocklist for potential trade setups with complex analysis, you still have to decide and manage the trades you take. It’s not the holy grail. If Ur too dumb to know that ahead of time u shouldn’t be trading

  6. Travis Said,

    A friend introduced OmniTrader to me. I really do not have too much knowledge about trading programs before. I thought using one is difficult. But after a while, I got used to it and learned the basics with the help of my friend. I have been using this program for some time now and I can do well. I am not familiar with other trading programs, but I think this is one of the most popular in the trading business. I like the real-time feature and for me, it is one of the best features that it has.

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