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NeoTicker Review

Posted by DeMerchant

NeoTicker is a real time technical analysis platform, which is robust and focuses on advanced technologies. It provides an edge in terms of simplicity, flexibility and scalability. It provides a competitive advantage to traders as it is far ahead of its peers in terms of technology and innovative solutions.  There are so many features in built in it that it almost guides the user towards profit. It is a versatile trading stock trading platform that can be highly customized to fit any trading styles and save you time in making your real-time trading decision. NeoTicker can also be integrated closely with other applications like Excel thru DDE linkage, or ActiveX and together they help in solving many real time complex problems.

NeoTick not only computes and graphs for traders in real time, but can also generate tick indices for any grouping of stocks one chooses. Thus obtaining a TICK index specific to the S&P 500 stocks or to semiconductor issues is no longer a dream. NeoTick also makes many other dreams come true. Built-in formula language which can be used in quote window, create indicators, trading systems, scans, etc. are both easy to use and customizable thus making long complex problems look child’s play. It is compatible with other resources like MB Trading, EFX Group, Interactive Brokers, and NinjaTrader and shares a few resources with them one of them being Integrated order placement automatic system order routing. Data feeds to NeoTick can be obtained from eSignal, RealTick, QuoteSpeed, QCharts (IQFeed, DTNIQ, MB Trading, EFX Group, Interactive Brokers and FXCM and any feed capable of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).Thus with so many resources and integration possibilities it is considered to be number one in the market. Neotick also makes its presence felt in programming flexibility. It can support various other programs like VBScript, JavaScript, DelphiScript and programming languages like VC++, VB, Delphi and many more. The trader also can create his own set of technical indicators drawing tools, and trading systems through NeoTicker‘s extensive object model. Inbuilt functions can also be customized to suit one’s own needs

The programming language in NeoTick is far superior to any other easy languages. It’s not as easy to learn, but the power is extended by the extra learning curve. It allows the user to customize their charts in almost any way they want, and the system programming is easy yet powerful. In addition, the backtesting features are among the best. There are some new add-ons for NeoTick like Spreadsheets, small applications, etc. are specially designed to work with NeoTick. New version of NeoTicker 4.2 is great with amazing new features. Some of the examples are Dynamic Table, Time Chart, Quote Formulas and Indicator which includes. Dynamic tables include an option to hide the tab titles, formula to change font color, more efficient formula calculations. Indicators include moving average by step, which is a special moving average indicator designed to deal with data that accumulate over time. E.g. Advance Volume in a 10-min chart. Also countdown tick indicator is updated. NeoTick is a stock trading software that has always delivered what has been expected of it, thus making it so desirable.

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  1. Matt L. Said,

    Neo Ticker is the poster child for the KISS principle, it knows what a trader needs and it gives it to you in black and white. No fuss here. This works well because all the charts and graphs come at you pared down or dressed up as much as you want them, but with all the vital information at the forefront.

    It is all done in real time and you can use it with other applications and software quickly and easily. As for the customization, it totally outweighs other programs with the almost endless number of possibilities.

  2. Chewy Said,

    Neoticker is an excellent resource for serious traders, especially those who like to trade hot sectors and industries. It generates tick indices which is perfect for this kind of investor. Any trader worth his salt knows that sectors move together, thanks to the big institutional investors. So when GOOG and EBAY get hot, you can usually expect YHOO and some of the other internet stocks to warm up at the same time. There are exceptions to this rule (especially when google takes more market share from yahoo), but usually this is a pattern worth respecting and profiting from. It’s the reason why so many cruddy gold companies continue to see their shares rise.

  3. Christopher Said,

    When it comes to a real time technical analysis platform that is simple and flexible, NeoTicker is probably the best choice. I like it because it focuses on advanced technologies, which makes it ahead of its peers. There are a lot of features that NeoTicker has which is very useful for many serious investors. It is ideal for traders who trade hot sectors and industries, which is why I use it. It is a very powerful tool, but needs a lot of time to learn on how to use it.

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