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Ensign Windows Review

Posted by DeMerchant

Ensign software is a charting software used by Stock and Commodity Traders. It uses free Internet data or data feeds from eSignal, InterActive Brokers,, and DTN. Ensign Windows has offered advanced charting solution for the FX and other markets since 1981. Being in the surroundings for very long time, it has gained trusts of many people and they have also relied on the software heavily. If we combine with a DTN.IQ feed, then we have the best package available for independent traders at prices that reflect true value.

There are many essential features of ensign Software which make it popular. The package features over 40 indicators, over 20 drawing tools, and the ability to customize both. It also includes the ability of alerts, where one can get alerts when their predetermined level is reached. One more important feature is of back testing.

The most essential features which many users acknowledge are Accumulation Distribution, Accumulation Swing Index, Aroon Indicator, Automatic Trend lines and channels. Also Donchian Channel, Heikin-Ashi Method, High Low Stop, Historical Volatility, Inverse Fisher Transform for RSI, are others features which distinguishes it from other softwares of similar type. Indicators included in it are Exponential, Simple, Market Facilitation Index, Mid Range, Momentum, Volume Index, Price Histogram and Rainbow, Rate of Change, Regression Channel and LRS (slope), Relative Strength Index and many more.

Ensign has a very experienced support team which keeps updating the software and provide solution to their customers. There are many time frames support by the software like Tick, Custom Minute, Custom Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. The latest features available on new features include a free forex feed from FXCM i.e. Forex Capital Markets. The feed has real-time quotes on 56 currency pairs. One can have feed from other software’s like signal, IQFeed, transact future. It also has Bradley stock model which is a data file that is overlaid on the host chart, pesavento pattern labels, virgin Point of control fibonacci levels styles gradient line styles. Ensign Windows automatically calculate the spread between the advance and the decline issues or the Advance and the Decline volume and puts this spread in the last field. Other features like Customization layout and customizable indicators are also present. The customizing layout includes alan square, alarmed trend lines, automatic trend lines, andrews pitchfork and schiff lines, arrows, bullets and other marker shapes, area highlighting. The drawing capabilities include gann fan, including automatic 1×1 logic, gann square, harmonic octaves, labels, markers, and notes, linear regression lines, moon phases, parallel lines.

Ensign has received top rating from its users because whatever it does it does with has been regarded as one of the best software’s for money. Though sometimes people have some problem with the refresh which makes it slow, but on the whole it’s great to use. It’s pretty fast and now details what it is doing and when completed. Ensign is upgraded constantly and keeps getting better. Its continuous upgrading under continuous development/improvement policy is the best that has happened to its user’s in near future. At the price of 39.5$ per month it is one of the least expensive software out in the market.

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  1. Roger Said,

    Ensign is another one of those programs that has been around for a very long time, and it does what so many other programs do. Even though there are several traders that swear by it, I think that it suffers from outdated programming though. There are several things about it that work fine, but can do with a little updating.

    What I do really like about Ensign though is how flexible the software is. There are over forty different ways you can analyze the data you are given, or indicators you can add. The charts I get back are also easy to read and understand, so while I might be a little harsh on the software, it is still good.

  2. Lee Said,

    Ensign software is some of the best out there for the money. As you alluded to in your review, one aspect that is particularly valuable is the accumulation and distribution indicators. Many beginners overlook these signals, but they do so at their own risk because they are very useful in understanding what positions the institutions are taking. Smart traders “follow the big boys”, and this software can help you do that. When I see institutional traders accumulating shares I know to get involved because they push the market around with their weight. Go with the flow and cut loose when the big guys do.

  3. William Said,

    This charting software has been around for many years. There are a lot of other programs out there, but I prefer to use Ensign software because of its features. moreover, other programs out there are a bit outdated. I like ensign software because you are able to analyze data in so many different ways. The charts provided by this program are easy to understand and read. I know a lot of people making lots of profits by using Ensign, which is why I use this program too and so far it works great.

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