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AutoTrader Review

Posted by DeMerchant

This is not your usual auto trader product because it does not sell cars or any automobile you could think off.  It has no relation to the car business industry.  Others may have the wrong notion when they see it but AutoTrader is actually a software made specifically for traders or who are engaged in the stock trading business.  This kind of stock market software allows you to buy and sell equities, and not cars or car products.  It is especially made for traders who want to engage in stock markets online.

AutoTrader is a stock trading software run on java programs that connects itself from interactive brokers in order to perform quick order entry.  Afterwards it opens new position and instantly open stop market orders and also target limit orders.  The great thing about this software is that it automatically trails the stop price to automatically scale out of bigger size position.   AutoTrader also have a printable form of trading using the real time market data or you could initiate a playback of the data that has been collected on the market.  After viewing the data you can then print it for proper documentation or future references. 

You can also performs a charting software with AutoTrader in this way you could even be more efficient when interpreting data from stock market.  It requires a little bit of experience though because chart interpretations could take longer for inexperienced trader even some seasoned veterans could even make an error because they do not look closely on the screen.

AutoTrader is the most versatile stock trading program in that it can use a variety of data sources for playback. Interactive brokers can use playback data to any to any charting program that others use.  . The client has more choices in the speed of playback so that you can the whole trading process a lot quicker that you used to do.  You can also use the program as you order entry platform when using playback and for real trading.  What is even more amazing when you have this kind of application is that the developer will provide you with the necessary upgrades you want as long as you make any donations through the internet when you enter their website.  Now, that is one more reason for you to use this spectacular software.

Avail of this new software product now when it is still available.  All you need to do is make donations and you are all set in improving AutoTrader.  The developer of the software may think of making the payment mandatory for succeeding clients.  Grab the opportunity while it still hot and almost free.  Donations are cheaper compared to monthly payments you use when accessing other stock trading software.  This product is constantly evolving and by doing so it caters to the specific needs of traders. You can make the same market orders like what other software does and even better.  Do not wait until it is too late because this product will require payments for new developments.

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  1. Gregory F. K. Said,

    The tools in this program are amazing, they make all the difference when it comes to trading history and predictions. The trading simulations alone give me more confidence than I get from other programs where I have to figure things out as I go and then just start.

    The site support and helpful forums that are available to you once you buy the AutoTrader software is great. Whenever I can’t figure something out I can always head in there.

    The only thing that might bother some is the various updates to the software and programs that are made, but I think it just goes to show that continual improvements are always considered.

  2. Stephen Said,

    Well, the poor choice of naming and branding aside, this setup is pretty effective. It is still a work in progress and at times can come across as very amateurish or unrefined, but under the hood there are some interesting things at play. The automatic scale in and scale out feature is absolutely sublime, and allows the less-than-fully-engaged trader to hedge risk while maximizing profits. You can also fast forward and rewind playback, a feature which can allow you to learn from mistakes and become a more intuitive trader overall. I would encourage users to help support this developer both financially and otherwise so he can continue to improve on its potential.

  3. Fred Said,

    I find AutoTrader effective and its features are quite useful. Although it is new in the trading business, it shows a lot of potential to become one of the most versatile trading programs in the future. I like the way how the trading simulations work. This can boost the confidence of traders and help them trade better. The program is almost free and in my opinion, it is one of the new programs in the trading business that is worth trying. Overall, a great program that has a great potential.

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