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Aspen Graphics Review

Posted by DeMerchant

The Aspen Graphics stock market software is described as a powerful tool for charting such as Japanese candlestick charts. This software offers experts the tools they need to perform precise, analysis in real-time and this can be done in any virtual financial product. The user can choose to use the software online or as a server solution in-house which is great for environments with multiple users.

Key features of the Aspen Graphics stock market software:

–    Charts: user can display the charts in any way they want to. Different chart information can be displayed such as symbols, timeframe and study which can be displayed in different kinds of chart such as Bar, Tick, Japanese Candlestick, Point & Figure styles and Line.
–    Quote Windows: flexible and easy-to-use to enable users to analyze different instruments in any time. Market quotes can be displayed in different ways such as grid view, tickers, free-form layouts, board views or the user can choose to customize how the quotes are displayed.
–    Studies: uninterrupted access to the 40 well-known studies and overlays for the analysis of product and market movement against the values of baseline. Studies can be viewed in windows, Excel spreadsheets and quote windows. The user can also create customized alerts for buy and sell for cash instrument, commodity and equity.
–    Custom and Formulas Indicators: provides a wide library of strong analytics. Indicators can be chosen from five volumes or can be customized through the instinctive Formula Writer. Formulas can also be customized together with inputs, alarms and color rules which when compared to other programs that offer limited customization ability.
–    Order Entry with optionsXpress: initiate trades and create option strategies all at the same time through a drag-and-drop operation.
–    Subscription studies: Subscription Studies are offered by the following traders: Thom DeMark Studies, Market Profile+, Cynthia Kase Statware and John Ehler’s MESA.
–    Data Providers: Market data are obtained in real-time from the following data providers: Bloomberg, Reuters, Interactive Data real-time Services, DTN, Platts, CMA, Biznews, FXCM, GAIN Capital and Tenfore.

Though, the Aspen Graphics stock market software does great in charting, the system hangs constantly. The only solution to this problem is to restart the program. And this software is great for the experts because almost anything can be customized but it is not user-friendly for beginners. But tutorial for the software are offered through the phone.

Regarding obtaining charts, it is very hard to obtain after work hours. The NYMEX crude and the S&P are not able to run after work hours and substituting QM and ES did not also help. The snap-to-grip function did not also work properly, charts overlap when this function is in use. Even if this option can be disabled, the snap-to-grid views are the default mode when the program starts. This is a waste of time for the user, because the charts need to be dragged around to be arranged.
Also, when the investing software is not working properly or malfunctioning, it causes the whole computer system to freeze. And to resolve this problem, the user must restart the system which results to lose of data.

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  1. Ron W. Said,

    I didn’t start using Aspen Graphics until I had already used a different stock trading software to learn how to follow trends and understand everything a little better. After doing that I felt a little more confident about using Aspen because I don’t think it is always easy for the beginning trader.

    The software is great at what it does, which is basically analyze data so that I can manage risks and get the info that I need quickly. I also like that it is all customizable, so that I can add the things I want but do away with the info that I don’t necessarily need.

  2. Josh Said,

    As you said, the charts are fully customizable which is a major plus. It’s very intuitive and easy to manipulate for your own style and workflow. I also like that the quote window shows open interest at any given time throughout the trading day – this is a much underused utility for gauging support and resistance levels. You can also customize your own formulas and use them seamlessly in conjunction with the built-in standard tools. Also, I use optionsXpress, which just so happens to be a partner with this company, so I like that I can use the two in tandem without having to jump back and forth between applications.

  3. Frank Said,

    The Aspen Graphics is a great program that does well in charting. What I like about this program is that the charts are customizable. This is quite useful for traders who want to play with their charts like me. However, the Aspen Graphics is not suitable for beginners. It is not easy to use for traders who are just starting to learn the basics in the stock market. Fortunately, there is a tutorial offered through the phone for those who wish to master this program.

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